Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

With Halloween fast approaching (Its Tuesday for those who don’t have a calendar in front of them). We have come up with some Halloween costume ideas for 2017 for you.

For the Do-It-Yourself’ers, We found some that are pretty creative.

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

We’ve heard of theme parties for Halloween.  For example, have a party where everyone has to dress up as a TV show personality, or a Romantic Comedy Movie theme.  Of course you have the normal “Disney” themes, Horror movie themes.  Of course you can always hit the stores, Target, Walmart, Spirit Halloween and buy one off the rack, but you may not have the best pick of the selection.

Here are some more ideas for costumes that you can make yourself

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

For inspiration look to your favorite movies or TV shows, how about your favorite Disney character, or cartoon character (remember there are adult cartoons out there too)?  Even commercials can be an inspiration for your costume.  I had a friend that went as “Flo” from the progressive insurance commercials one year.  Pirates and fairy’s are big this year with the kids, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy characters.  What are you going as this year?  Are you allowed to dress up at work?  We would love to hear from you.

After you have your costume picked out, don’t forget to decorate the pumpkin.  There are many kits you can buy to do a specific design, or you could do it old school with a knife and your imagination.  The sky is the limit in your costume and pumpkin ideas.  Use your imagination and creativity to make this years Halloween a memory for you and your family.

Remember when trick or treating, stay safe!  Make sure you have a flash light and you aren’t walking in the middle of the street.  Many parents take their kids to the many church festivals that are in your neighborhood, as they are free and presumed “safe”.

For easy Halloween decorating ideas, check out this blog article.

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